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Curiosity is my super power and I have a wide array of interests in many curious things. I am an engineer at the root, and I love to build, fix and create... I'm no stranger to taking things apart, on occasion I will reverse engineer software and devices to understand how they work. I am most comfortable in the space between the software and the tangible electronics but, being curious, I'm always looking for a new niche. I'm comfortable working in different spaces, from bare metal assembly code and firmware...to the servers, OS and database level... to the UX\UI design. I'm also pretty well rounded in the fabrication and assembly department. I regularly solder components, TIG weld mock-ups and prototype on my 3d printer at home. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to say I enjoy all aspects of how dynamic systems work and interact.


I am the proud father of two incredible preschoolers. I spend the bulk of my freetime with them going on adventures, finding unique parks, swimming, gaming and reading with them.
On the off chance I get time in the morning and at night, I try to stay healthy and fit, mainly to keep up with them, which is often a challenge. I'm an avid runner and try to get to the gym a few days a week when time permits.
My most recent fascination are vertical gardens, specifically, aeroponic vegetable gardens. I am currently researching the best way to build a High Pressure (HP) aeroponic system on a budget.

  • Fullname: Matthew Clayton
  • Birth Date: June 17, 1983
  • Job: Development, Support, Test, Design
  • Website: www.MattClayton.dev
  • Email: me@mattclayton.dev


I have a wide ranging skillset that I've developed over my lifetime of working with systems in industries including Finance, Energy, Retail and Robotics.
I have a deep interest in computer vision and machine learning as well as the applications involving these technologies, including augmented reality(AR), robotic navigation, monocular SLAM, image/facial recognition and visual object recognition, detection and tracking.

  • Languages C++, C, C#, Centura, VB SQL, Python, Powershell, Bash, SQR, JS HTML, XML, JSON
  • Enterprise Applications Visual Studio, SSMS, MS TFS, IIS
  • Enterprise Operating Systems Windows, MS Server 2008-2016, Azure, Linux
  • Other Applications / OS Fusion 360, Unity, Sketchup, Blender, Cura, Adobe Creative Suite Arduino, QT, CMake, Wireshark, IDA Disassembler, HexWorkshop, WinSCP, WinDbg ROS, QNX, FreeRTOS
  • Other Skills Microcontrollers, Analog/Digital Circuits, AC/DC wiring AC/DC motors (Servo, Stepper, BLDC) AC/DC Tungsten(TIG) welding, Soldering, Brazing CNC, Lathe, Mill, 3d Printing, Sheet Metal Fabrication

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